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1,200 Gallon ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

An Ozinga truck dumps 1,200 gallons of ice-cold water on Barb & Joel for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
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When mother and son duo Barb and Joel Alford were nominated to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, they decided to go big. Joel, who drives for Ozinga, decided what better way to take the plunge than to be on the receiving end of his own 36,000 pound concrete mixer as it discharged 1,200 gallons of ice-cold water!

Joel then had to convince his mother, who also works for Ozinga in Ready Mix Dispatch. After a little convincing, Barb was all in and here was the result:

*Please Note: Recycled water was used for this challenge and the majority of the water used was reclaimed and re-recycled.

After a thorough dousing, another successful challenge has been met and the nominations are out!

Let’s put our heads together and find a cure for ALS! Act now:

Who would you like to see nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

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