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Let’s build your customized CNG station to fuel your fleet
W.W. Transport started in 1991 as a single truck operation, mostly hauling cement, and over the years have transitioned to food grade products. Today, they are running over 400 trucks nationwide.

Back in 2014, diesel was at $4 a gallon and the consensus was that it would be at that level for a long time. Fueling a large fleet while making the travel profitable became a struggle. W.W. Transport needed a solution, so they began to consider converting their trucks to natural gas. After major consideration between liquified natural gas and compressed natural gas, CFO Kyle Weuve decided that the availability of CNG and the ability to build their own stations couldn’t be beat.

The two biggest W.W. Transport locations are in Burlington, Iowa and Wood River, Illinois and there were no CNG stations within hours. W.W. met with Ozinga and decided that in order to make the conversion happen, they needed to build their own stations.

When one of the compressors in the station went down, Ozinga and W.W. worked together to come up with the solution to change out the smaller compressor with a larger one to give the capacity needed. The idea was to reuse the smaller compressor that was removed as a part of a mobile dealing solution. This solution saved W.W. thousands of dollars and solved a problem that would benefit them greatly in the long run. Ozinga customized their station to fit their needs, improving the design and construction quality.

Since then, W.W. Transport has built another station in Pennsylvania and purchased one in Cleveland, Ohio. Currently, they are running about 150 CNG trucks and 120 dual fuel trucks.

“I work a lot on trust,” Kyle Weuve said. If there is a company that I don’t trust, I’m not going to work with them. Even if they’re the cheapest provider out there, it’s not worth it if I don’t believe that I can make a call and they’ll come in and do what needs to be done. If there’s not that trust, and I’m always second guessing what they’re doing. I trust Ozinga entirely. If I call with a problem, I know they will do what it is going to take to get it done. If they say it’s going to take three trips to do it, I trust that it’s three trips. I’m never second guessing or looking back saying, “He could have done this in one trip, why is he charging me for three?” It’s complete trust.”

In Burlington, W.W. Transport did not expect many retail sales of CNG. Anheuiser Busch comes through from St. Louis quite often and more and more local traffic has started to come through. W.W. has also bought CNG trucks and sold them to local companies to help get some volume through and provide fuel for them at a good price. Private vehicles, cars and vans with CNG engines owned by local residents and companies come to fill up often.

A lot of areas where W.W. fuels, there is only a single station in the area, and the closest station for about 60 miles. If a station were to go down, their own trucks would not be able to fill and anyone else relying on that station can’t fill either. Because they are few and far between, if one station is down it causes a lot of trouble. W.W. and Ozinga do everything they can to keep it running.

W.W. likes to work with what they have by utilizing and improving their resources and seeking partnerships to bring their expertise and specialties. In Burlington, they like to say, “if it can happen, it happens.” Ozinga understands the challenges that come with keeping a fleet fueled and on the road because we have our own fleet. Our companies are similar in that we remain innovative in order to tackle unique situations.

The business that WW Transport and Ozinga does together is anything but ordinary. It’s out of the box, it’s problem solving. Together, there’s nothing we can’t handle.

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