Coworkers: Todd Wilke

October 10, 2019
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At Ozinga, helping others is part of how we work, and making a positive impact on others – individuals, their families and the community – is why we exist.

Coworker Todd Wilke is a salesman for Ozinga. But part of Todd’s purpose in life is helping families with children who have cancer. His involvement stems from his close friendship with a family who knows all too well the devastating effects of losing a child to the disease.


For more than 20 years now, Todd has played an active role in his community through his work with the It’s All About Kids Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping local families with children who have pediatric cancer. It’s All About Kids receives applications from McHenry County, IL families who have a child diagnosed with cancer who are seeking financial assistance. The applications are reviewed and up to four families are selected each year. The foundation has raised more than $1 million in its twenty years of existence and has helped more than 40 families.


“It’s a hell of a thing to go through as a parent and it’s financially devastating to families,” said Todd. “They don’t know where to turn. It’s All About Kids is an organization that understands and is here to help.”


It’s All About Kids is a 100% volunteer, non-profit organization and most of the funding is raised through the annual “Festival At The Farm”. For that event, Todd’s outside-the-box thinking led him to bring an Ozinga ready mix truck full of sand to the fundraiser to create a giant sandbox for kids. He even mixed in a few hundred dollars in coins for the kids to find as they dug through the sand.


Mark Martin, President of It’s All about Kids, says it’s unbelievable watching kids dig for hours to retrieve the treasure. “The opportunity for a child who has cancer to play in the sand is better than being in chemotherapy or getting radiation treatments. It etches a positive memory in their mind, in the mind of their siblings and the mind of their parents.”


He notes that involvement from companies like Ozinga is critical for making these events a success. “Making that beautiful red and white truck available for the day and coming through for us… When it pulls up it’s like the crown jewel, there’s no comparison. The kids love it.”

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