Community: Special Kids/Special Needs Golf Outing Fundraiser

October 15, 2019
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While golf might not be typically be thought of as a game for children, Ozinga’s Don Rapley, Vice President of Cement, has made the game one that positively impacts the lives of children directly.

For more than 10 years, Don has been a committee member for the Special Kids/Special Needs Golf Outing Fundraiser, an event that has been benefitting children and adults with special needs for 45 years.


The fundraiser benefits several special needs programs throughout the community that provide children and young adults with after-school activities, summer enrichment programs, job placement, therapeutic equestrian services and financial support when a child is sick. “Some friends of mine got me involved a while ago, and I saw all the good that came from it,” said Don. “You can earn money for a good cause and have fun doing it.”


Don isn’t the only one from Ozinga involved in the yearly golf fundraiser. Tony Shivley, Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Ozinga On-Site, is also on the committee with Don and helps draw donations and recruit new teams.


“I think Ozinga is a well-respected organization in the community due to what they give back,” said Jon Groth, Chairman of Special Kids/Special Needs. “This shows other businesses how a company with a community service intent operates.”


Ozinga believes in making a positive impact on the communities we serve and encourages our coworkers to do the same. “Ozinga has never held back from being a sponsor,” said Don. “They want to invest in the community and it’s through Ozinga that we can make these events so successful for the children.”

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