Coworkers: Safety

September 16, 2019
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At Ozinga, our purpose is all about making a positive impact on the lives of our coworkers, customers and community. Because living our purpose starts with each of our coworkers and depends on them, their safety and that of our customers and in our community has always been a top priority. And in the world of Jeff Emrick, Director of Safety and Compliance, it’s the reason behind everything we do.

Jeff explained in detail how he and his team work hard to keep our coworkers safe. “We have a saying that goes, ‘Everybody goes home safe’, and what we mean is every ‘body’ goes home safe. We want our coworkers to go home to their families and enjoy the life that this job provides them. Our coworkers have lives outside of work, and we want them to enjoy those as much as possible.”


We aim to keep our coworkers safe by hiring the best people and providing them with exceptional training and equipment. Our drivers are given the right equipment to do their jobs and we make sure to maintain it regularly. Our mechanics take pride in the vehicles they send out on the road too, and it’s Ozinga’s willingness to make the investment in our people, processes and tools that helps our coworkers stay safe.


Besides the safety department, other coworkers recognize the importance of safety too.


Matt Janas, Operations Manager in Illinois South, asked Dispatch if they could shut down our Lemont yard one day to make some needed repairs. “He put the safety of his team before production,” said Jeff.


Chad Herst, Operations Manager in Chicago, put out a table filled with safety equipment during the fall “Red Zone” meetings – called this because fall is our busiest time of year – to make sure the drivers could replace worn out personal protective equipment as we enter the busy season. “They went above and beyond their regulatory requirements to protect our coworkers, customers and community,” said Jeff.


Living our purpose and doing our jobs with safety top of mind ultimately benefits all Ozinga coworkers, our customers and the communities we reach. “We want the best-trained and conscientious coworkers in the best-maintained equipment, sharing the roads or jobsite with our customers and our community,” said Jeff. “We are continuously learning and staying on the cutting edge of technology to keep our people safe. When everybody goes home safe at the end of the day – that’s what I live for in my role at Ozinga.”

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