Coworkers: Ozinga Materials Dispatch

September 12, 2019
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The daily responsibilities of a dispatcher require an incredible level of customer service and knowledge of the industry. For Ozinga’s Steve Kallemeyn, dispatch for Ozinga Materials, the entire Materials Dispatch team truly embodies our company’s purpose and makes a positive impact on coworkers, customers and our community every day.

“My teammates work tirelessly to get the job done and done right the first time,” said Steve. “This group has showed me that they know their purpose and that they rely on each other.”

Rich Mulder leads the Materials Dispatch team and is the glue that holds them together. He communicates the intent of the job clearly and can help change course if needed. What separates him from others is that he listens to his direct reports, not just on a professional level, but on a personal level as well.


Dave and Brandon monitor and communicate to the drivers and logistics partners, and they handle a variety of information every day. “These two always have time for questions and listen to what is being asked of them,” said Steve. “It is truly exceptional.”


Becca and Sam provide exceptional customer service. The patience they display with coworkers and customers, and their ability to problem solve, is truly impressive. “Their purpose is to be on the front line to the drivers and the customers, and their service has contributed to Ozinga being a trusted name,” said Steve.


Evan, MK and Bryan have established rapport with drivers and are always willing to learn. Since Evan and MK are newer members of their team, they provide a new perspective that is truly valued and appreciated. “We always learn from each other,” said Steve, “and we have created a great collaborative environment.”


Steve believes working with the Materials Dispatch team has been inspiring and motivates him to come to work each day. In sharing the story of his team, “I just wanted to pay it forward,” he said.

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