Community: Nico’s Promise

October 29, 2019
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At Ozinga, we aim to make a positive impact on our coworkers, customers and the communities we serve. It is through each and every one of our coworkers that we can often reach deeper into our communities and leave lasting effects.

Our expansion into South Florida in 2017 presented a new area of opportunity for Ozinga and our coworkers to make that positive impact. JF Diaz, Vice President & General Manager of our South Florida operation, cultivates a culture of giving through his disposition toward his coworkers and the example of his involvement in the community.


The team in South Florida is strong and it’s because they are highly valued – something that for many coworkers is a change from previous employers. But at Ozinga, this is how we work. “I feel like this is just the way we are supposed to be toward one another,” said JF.


“A lot of us felt like we were just a number before,” said Isis Amador, Office Manager of Ozinga South Florida. “Now, I like to say the warmth goes further than the Florida sun out here.”


Newly hired coworkers are also feeling the warmth, and many are surprised at the positive treatment they receive at Ozinga when they first arrive. “They are shocked when they see we treat them to lunch and give them new equipment to work with,” said Isis. “I think it’s making our competition step up their game.”


Ozinga is also leaving a positive footprint in the Florida market through participation in community events such as Nico’s Promise, an organization created for families with terminally ill children. JF has been involved with Nico’s Promise for a few years and Ozinga sponsored the event last year. The vision of Nico’s Promise: A Journey of Hope and Healing is to create a safe, inclusive environment at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital for all family members who suffer the loss of a child or life-altering illness. To date, Nico’s Promise has provided over 450 counseling sessions and monthly support groups for parents and grandparents for nearly 200 eligible families.


“Through positive coworker engagement in the office and outside in the communities, our relationships are strengthened and improved, and everybody wins,” said JF.

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