Coworkers: Kelly Quinn

October 15, 2019
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At Ozinga, we want our coworkers to make a positive impact on those they interact with, not just at work, but also at home and in their communities. Kelly Quinn, Dispatcher for our Illinois North region, knows this well. 

The contrast between his day job and his weekend life is vastly different. By day, he dispatches trucks of concrete, meticulously ensuring all customer orders are correct and making the best use of his resources for the day ahead. But on the weekend, he suits up and travels with his band to sold-out shows to perform for crowds lining up to see him.  


In both scenarios, at work and on the stage, Kelly knows his purpose is to leave a positive impact on those he’s serving – his customers and his fans. 


During one of his busiest days in dispatch, Kelly was doing his best to stay calm under pressure and ensure he was providing the best customer service. That’s when a call from one of his regular customers reminded him of how important his role is at Ozinga.  


“I was simply having one of those days where I was stressed out. Towards the end of the day, I got a call from one of my regular customers and she told me she was happy to talk to me and wanted to let me know I was doing a great job,” said Kelly. “When I think about purposeful living from a business perspective and how it impacts others, I realize that’s who I do it for—my customers.” 


The same goes for the impact he makes on his fans. “We were playing in Iowa City a couple months ago, and I saw a girl crying, and she told me, ‘It’s so awesome what you do. It brought back so many memories and how music got me through it.’ That’s why I do it…hearing her say that was all worth it to me.” 


Kelly notes that receiving praise after his shows and the compliments of his customers in dispatch aren’t exactly the same, but they’re still important. “Having a great turnout at a show and seeing people crying because of the impact the songs had on them pulls at the heart strings more, but a customer’s comment about my job performance at Ozinga, it’s nice to get validation that someone appreciates you.”

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