Coworkers: JC Calleiro

October 11, 2019
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A good first impression, for many, is based on a number of factors. When a new coworker or guest come to Ozinga, we strive to make a good first impression that leaves a positive impact, reflects our core values and highlights our company culture.

It has been three years since JC Calleiro, Vice President of Sales in South Florida, had his first encounter with Ozinga, and he still fondly recalls how supportive, patient and positive it was. “I didn’t know much about the company, but I quickly felt embraced into the Ozinga family,” said JC. “I immediately saw the family’s faith and how much the ownership focused on serving others and supporting their employees. They have a deep sense of ethics and a vision of a higher purpose, and it was truly inspiring.”


Although our company headquarters in Mokena, IL is a long way from Florida, the personal relationship between coworkers in both states continue to be as strong as ever. JC credits all of the departments for their willingness to help. “Despite the distance, we have the support of ownership and people in different departments,” he said. “Plus, I know I can just pick up the phone and call with no issues; there’s no bureaucracy or red tape.”


Being a part of a welcoming environment was new for JC, who explained how his previous employers modeled cultures that were vastly different than ours. “At my old company, it was like a NASCAR race with everyone trying to push everyone else out of the way,” he said. “At Ozinga, everybody’s willingness to help one another speaks volumes about the culture here.”


Even with hundreds of miles between our South Florida operation and our Midwest headquarters, our coworkers’ commitment to our purpose resonates throughout. “I feel blessed to be working for a company that truly cares about its coworkers, customers and community,” said JC.

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