Coworkers: IT

September 18, 2019
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Technology is a large part of our day-to-day operations at Ozinga; to say it is imperative would be an understatement. So when our operation in Henry, IL recently lost internet and camera access, a quick fix was necessary.

“We have 11 cameras used to help run the plant,” said Mark Balagna, Area Superintendent. “We load barges, we unload barges and have three different plants running all at the same time; It’s critical to have our cameras to see what’s going on. If we don’t have internet, we don’t know what’s coming in. We need these communications working.”


Matt Ehrat, Plant Supervisor, quickly got on the phone and reached out to Ozinga’s Information Technology Department, located in Mokena—nearly three hours away from Henry. From there, IT got the ball rolling and began troubleshooting immediately. “They jumped right on it,” said Matt. “They had the piece of hardware we needed, they programmed it, and someone drove it down here. To be able to get that piece down here on the same day, and get us back up, that’s really impressive.”


“It was definitely a team effort, from our helpdesk taking the initial call, to alerting the network support group, and then delivering the equipment,” said Dale Dubois, IT Field Technician, who delivered and installed the equipment more than 100 miles away.


The manner in which IT handled the situation is one shining example of how our coworkers are making a positive impact on other coworkers.


“It would be easy to become frustrated in this situation, but IT really stepped up,” said Mark. “They had to put in extra effort. I want them to know we really appreciate them; they deserve the recognition.”

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