Community: Filtercrete and and Brian Lutey

September 3, 2019
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One way Ozinga strives to make a positive impact on our community is to put an emphasis on sustainable solutions. Ozinga’s Filtercrete™ pervious concrete is one of our sustainable solutions which allows water to pass through various size voids in the concrete, putting rainwater back in the ground.

Unique to Ozinga, Filtercrete™ has traditionally been used in projects found in Ozinga’s Illinois and Indiana service areas. However, thanks to the Filtercrete™ information on Ozinga’s website, individuals from all over the globe have the opportunity to learn about the product and its benefits—and that’s exactly what happened with students in India.

In January 2019, four students from APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University reached out to Ozinga inquiring about Filtercrete™ for a school project. The goal of the project was to manage and collect stormwater passing through pervious pavement using a system of pipe and reuse the filtered water for both public use and to replenish Sasthamcotta Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Kerala. By doing this, the students hoped to considerably reduce the load on the lake for water supply.

These students were connected with Brian Lutey, Vice President of Sustainability and Compliance at Ozinga. Through email and phone conversations, Lutey explained Filtercrete™ in more detail, provided the students with real examples of the pervious concrete, offered suggested mix specifications for their specific project, and provided additional information and tips to follow post-placement. He served as a sounding board for these students throughout the duration of their project, even helping to adjust mix designs when their project changed course.

“Their work was high quality,” said Lutey. “I don’t know what the chances are of the project actually coming to fruition, but it’s nice to know that Ozinga is having an impact across the globe on sustainable design and education.”

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