Coworkers: Kevin Marshall

February 27, 2020
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Fall of 2014 was a defining time for Ozinga Ready Mix Driver Kevin Marshall from Sycamore, IL—he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. The months to follow included intensive surgery and several rounds of chemo. But that wasn’t all; a germ-cell tumor—the size of a golf ball—metastasized and made its way to his upper respiratory system.

“I ended up having to drive to Indianapolis to work with the number one testicular cancer specialist—the same one who treated Lance Armstrong,” said Kevin.

With his mom and his loyal dog by his side, Kevin continued a rigorous regimen of chemotherapy and stem cell treatments. Over the span of 11 months, Kevin lost more than 40 pounds, suffered organ damage and lost most of his hair.

“I was out of work for about 11.5 months,” said Kevin. “But through it all, my supervisors at Ozinga were wonderful.”

When Kevin was cleared to return to work, he continued to put 110% into his job. “I always gave my best effort,” said Kevin. “I was grateful to come back to work; Ozinga made me want to give it my all.”

It wasn’t long after being cured from stage 3 cancer that Kevin’s life would take another turn, but this time in a positive direction. “I was introduced to the woman who is now my wife,” said Kevin. “My operations manager at the time, Chad Herst, introduced us.” (Chad’s wife had a friend from high school she believed would be a good match for Kevin, and she was right!)

Chad says Kevin has always taken his job very seriously. “We’re lucky to have him. He’s a genuine person.”

These days, Kevin is in remission and spends time with his wife and his dog (the same dog that saw him through his worst). He also enjoys riding his Harley, traveling the world and sharing his story of hope with others.

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