Coworkers: Jeff Hanus

May 4, 2020
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At Ozinga, we believe it’s important to recognize those outstanding coworkers whose unselfish and dedicated service to volunteerism have made a positive impact in their communities and mirror our own values.

Jeff Hanus, an Ozinga ready mix driver from our Lemont yard, is no stranger to giving up his time to help others. For more than six years, Jeff has volunteered for the Disabled Patriot Fund, an organization that helps provide assistance to local U.S. veterans and their families who were adversely affected by their military service.

For Jeff — a veteran himself — the choice to help was simple. He considers himself one of the lucky ones to be in a position to give back.

“There are men and women protecting our freedom who are coming back home with physical and mental disabilities, who aren’t receiving enough government assistance,” said Jeff.

The Disabled Patriot Fund hosts an annual fundraiser and the support surrounding the event grows a little more each year. Last year, many of Jeff’s coworkers attended the event, including Al Aardsma, ready mix dispatcher, who attends these fundraisers regularly.

“Jeff is very passionate about this cause and he works hard to get the word out about what they do,” said Al. “The group that he is a part of is fantastic and what they do for wounded veterans is amazing.”

Ozinga is another strong supporter of Jeff’s efforts. For the last five years, Ozinga has helped Jeff reach his fundraising goals.

“The first year, when I found out what they’d be donating, I was deeply moved,” said Jeff. “And each year after that, Ozinga has continued to come through for us.”

If you ask Jeff why he enjoys putting others first, he’ll tell you he’s the one who benefits.

“The reason I give now is because I have found joy in giving,” said Jeff. “Joy is an emotion that is higher than love, and while some have called me generous, I say that is open to debate.”

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