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November 4, 2019
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Saying “yes” to serve others can sometimes open doors to new opportunities. For Josh Bailey, Vice President of Capital Ventures, saying yes to a volunteer opportunity set him on a path of professional and spiritual growth.

Josh vividly remembers sitting in church three years ago when the pastor began talking about Reclaim13, an organization that helps free children from sexual exploitation. The organization is called Reclaim13 because 13 has been estimated as the average age at which a child is drawn into the commercial sex industry, and the group’s goal is to reclaim children’s right to grow up free from harm – loved and safe. It was in that powerful moment that Josh realized he needed to get involved to do something to help the organization and the children they support.


Josh’s background in finance was just what the Reclaim13 board was looking for in a treasurer, and Josh found serving on the board to be a great way to contribute to the nonprofit. During this time, Josh was also introduced to Justin Ozinga, also an active member on the board. That initial meeting with Justin led to a follow-up meeting with Aaron Ozinga and the rest of the Materials & Logistics team, which was also looking for financial leadership. Soon after, Josh joined Ozinga.


Before joining Ozinga, Josh recalls his previous work culture as “profit above all else.” Businesses were usually in distress and less than generous with the community. “Working for Ozinga has empowered me to give more and take care of what matters first,” Josh said.


The work that Reclaim13 is doing in Chicagoland communities to stop child sex trafficking creates a positive impact on the lives of all they serve; and Josh, Justin and all of Ozinga are proud to help support them in their mission. “For me, this mission is very important,” said Josh. “The women in my life have made such a positive impact on me and I’ve always loved children. I was compelled to do this.”

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