Community: Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

November 13, 2019
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Many people associate the Ozinga brand with big cities and big projects, but Ozinga is also local to rural areas and considers these communities home. We are committed to supporting nonprofit organizations in these rural areas to help make a positive impact on individuals, their families and the community for generations.

One of these organizations is Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Over the years, Ozinga has made monetary donations to the nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a supportive mentoring network between adult volunteers and children ages 5 through young adult.


In addition to overall company support, Ben Franklin, Vice President of Technical Services for Ozinga Cement, volunteers as a mentor for this organization.


Ben grew up in a rural area and knows firsthand the challenges rural kids, especially those in high school, have. “For many of these local kids, there is a lack of food, education and family support,” said Ben. “Most of them also end up having a narrow view of career possibilities because they are focused on what is available locally.”


As a mentor, Ben gives his time to kids who may not have an adult presence in their life. He not only gives these kids someone to listen to and lean on, but he is also proof that growing up as a rural kid can still provide opportunities for your future. “My passion is to help these teens,” said Ben. “They are all very good kids who want to do better, and I want to show them the world is bigger than they think.”

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