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A typical day at Taylor Excavating and Wrecking Inc. is anything but slow. Taylor President Tommy Taylor and Chief Estimator Terry Hamilton typically oversee several work sites on any given day where they’ve been hired to manage everything from demolition and haul off to excavating, backfilling, and base prepping. “We pride ourselves on setting up our partners for success at every job we touch,” notes Tommy Taylor.

The family run excavating and wrecking company has served the City of Chicago and its suburbs for nearly two decades, building strong relationships with well-known General and sub-contractors alike. Taylor started out doing basement excavations for residential single-family homes before shifting into the commercial space where they manage a wide range of responsibilities along numerous project’s life cycles.

During a recent job at 3720 W. Touhy in Skokie, Illinois, Taylor had 175 loads of broken concrete that needed to be hauled off and 100 loads of aggregate delivered, but they weren’t able to crush the leftover concrete onsite. They needed a solution that was close by to keep travel times low and simplify repeat pickups.

Ozinga’s fixed planted recycling yard in Lincolnshire yard was less than 20 miles away. They saved valuable time by dropping off their concrete debris to be crushed and recycled, while picking up their needed aggregate all in the same place.

The vast network of locations Ozinga has throughout Chicago, Indiana, and Wisconsin guarantees that no matter where your project is, there’s likely a location nearby with the aggregate, logistics, or crushing capabilities you need to keep your project running smoothly. The ease and accessibility of these sites allows for quick turnaround reducing costs associated with wait times to keep the trucks rolling.

Virgin backfill wasn’t a necessity for Taylor’s Skokie job, so the recycled aggregate at the Lincolnshire location worked perfectly. However, Ozinga also produces a recycled crushed concrete made from 100% leftovers that is available at most locations. This product is one of Taylor’s favorite as it is a Taco Tier 1 Certified, clean product that boasts a 95%+ compaction rating.

Taylor has partnered with Ozinga in the past, using our 100% Ozinga recycled crushed concrete for its superior compaction capabilities and environmental benefits. On the Skokie job in particular, working with Ozinga allowed them to stay organized, on time, and have quick access to the material and services they needed.

“Working with a supplier who spans logistics services, bulk materials, and concrete commodities allows us to order what we need for a particular job, whether it be low-strength and flowable fill concretes or quality aggregates,” said Taylor. “Having a partner that can provide solutions for various needs along a project’s lifecycle is huge. That’s why we partner with Ozinga.”

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