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Let’s stabilize soil for base applications using sustainable methods and products.
The company has been in business for over a decade, serving clients throughout the Midwest and two dozen states across the United States. Sustainability is also top of mind at Rock Solid. At many jobsites they strive to reduce waste by using quality leftover products and recycle materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

According to Rock Solid Stabilization & Reclamation Inc. Vice President Michael Cohn, their projects are a lot like baking. If you don’t measure your flour, sugar and other ingredients perfectly, the finished product won’t taste good or cook properly. The same is true for soil stabilization and reclamation. If all the ingredients aren’t mixed in the proper order/amount, the job won’t perform. That’s why Rock Solid is laser-focused on precision and customer satisfaction.

Their most recent job, Project Tracey, located at 23810 W Bluff Road in Channahon IL, involved soil modification for a 100,453sq yd parking lot. They needed a large volume of Class C fly ash—something that’s in short supply. They also needed a partner that could adhere to their desired delivery schedule, which called for 12 deliveries a day, separated by 45-minute intervals.

For a project this tricky, Rock Solid knew they needed to try something different — and trust a new supplier to handle logistics. Rock Solid has a full fleet of bulk haulers and a strong network of preferred carriers to get their materials from outside companies, they usually manage the logistics and/or do the delivery themselves. After chatting with Ozinga Cement Vice President of Technical Services Ben Franklin about the job requirements they decided to give Ozinga a shot at not just supplying the Class C fly ash but delivering it as well.

“Ozinga really knocked it out of the park,” said Cohn. “By the second day we knew we’d made the right decision partnering with Ozinga. We actually finished the job a week ahead of schedule which is very rare when we give up control of the logistics.”

Over eight days, Ozinga supplied and delivered roughly two thousand tons of Class C fly ash utilizing 79 truck loads and its logistics network of cement terminals to keep the supply chain moving on time. “Rock Solid is really excited and focused on expanding our relationship with Ozinga in every capacity” said Phil Dahm, Materials & Logistics Manager. “Sharing similar values, a focus on quality work and materials, and striving for customer satisfaction suggests that together, there is nothing we can’t handle.”

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