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Ozinga Cement

Your trusted cementitious component supplier

Ozinga Cement is your trusted cementitious component supplier throughout the United States. No matter where you need powder materials, our fleet of rail, water, and truck transportation infrastructure will ensure your product gets to your job site in a timely and efficient manner.

Chicago Dome - ozinga cement

Ozinga Cement markets slag cement, a byproduct of steel production. Slag cement can be used to produce concrete mixes that are up to 50 percent recycled content by replacing Portland cement on a 1:1 basis in a given concrete mix. Utilizing slag cement in place of the Portland cement effectively offsets carbon dioxide. During production, Portland cement releases 1 ton of CO2 to the environment when 1 ton of Portland cement is manufactured. The use of slag cement reduces concrete permeability, increases concrete strength, mitigates ASR and sulfate expansion issues, and improves overall concrete durability.

Lake Freighter at South Chicago Port

Currently, Ozinga Cement markets from Midwest and Southeast terminal locations. Our South Chicago Port location includes a new dome and various storage silos, allowing access for truck, rail and barge opportunities to support various markets and customers.

Ozinga ariel

Ozinga Cement is a proud member of the Slag Cement Association, a leader in slag cement promotion, knowledge and utilization.

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