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Ozinga’s purpose is to make a positive impact on individuals, their families and the community for generations. We do this by upholding our values of service, learning and entrepreneurship to influence and encourage our coworkers, customers and community.

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Coworkers: Logan Van Proyen

It takes one person to make a difference and change the lives of many. Logan Van Proyen, business systems analyst in our Mokena office, knows this all too well. He spends a lot of his time solving and building countless business processes with technology, saving coworkers many precious hours they could use elsewhere. Logan sees this as an opportunity to serve them and go above and beyond what they need assistance with. If a core piece of an application is broken and the user is flustered, Logan won’t only try to fix the issue, he will also talk through it with them or find a possible work-around solution until the issue is resolved. By viewing these IT challenges as more than just routine procedures, he is able to put passion into helping others at work.

Coworkers: Jeff Duran

When Jeff Duran, business process analyst, got married four years ago, he became interested in gardening. After seeing his wife’s hobby flourish into delicious produce, he thought he’d give it a try to spend more time doing things she enjoyed. Little did he know that one day he would have a green thumb himself and own nearly 1,000 plants.

Coworkers: Doug Bauder

There is an innate desire in each of us to find our purpose — to have significance. Doug Bauder, dispatch and customer service representative in Elgin, IL, found his purpose from traveling abroad on mission trips.

Coworkers: Brian Olsen

Not all heroes wear capes; some of them are our very own coworkers who diligently give up their time to help others. Brian Olsen, ready-mix driver from North Chicago, is one of those heroes.

Coworkers: Howard Livingston

For Howard Livingston, quality control manager in South Florida, joining Ozinga was a natural choice. He was first introduced to the Ozinga culture in 2012 while working for Verifi LLC, an automated system provider that works with Ozinga. At the time, Howard was a service manager and was responsible for implementing, servicing and overseeing installations. Despite being a Florida resident himself, Howard traveled extensively to various Ozinga sites in the Midwest for seven years and interacted on a daily basis with drivers, mechanics and quality control coworkers.

Community: Firefighter Memorial

For more than 25 years, Plymouth, IN plant manager George Null has served as a volunteer firefighter with the Town of Argos Fire Department, and he and his colleagues dreamt of someday building a memorial for the fallen men and women of the force.

Coworkers: Jeff Hanus

At Ozinga, we believe it’s important to recognize those outstanding coworkers whose unselfish and dedicated service to volunteerism have made a positive impact in their communities and mirror our own values.

Coworkers: Erin Raatjes

At Ozinga, it’s the people who work here that make us a family. Each person has their own unique set of talents and abilities at work, but it’s also what they do outside of work that provides an ability to make a positive impact on our coworkers, customers and communities.

Coworkers: Kevin Marshall

Fall of 2014 was a defining time for Ozinga Ready Mix Driver Kevin Marshall from Sycamore, IL—he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. The months to follow included intensive surgery and several rounds of chemo. But that wasn’t all; a germ-cell tumor—the size of a golf ball—metastasized and made its way to his upper respiratory system.

Community: Ping Tom Memorial Park Advisory Council

Recently, the Ping Tom Memorial Park Advisory Council (PAC) reached out to Ozinga for assistance in the upkeep of the park’s walls. Because this mural project didn’t fall under the Chicago Park District’s capital projects guidelines, funds were not able to be sourced from the Park District. That’s when they reached out to private businesses for donation requests.

Coworkers: Paul Winkle Sr.

Sometimes setbacks have a way of defining the path we embark on. For Paul Winkle Sr., Ready Mix Sales in South Florida, what he thought was a career-ending medical setback ultimately opened the door to fulfilling his purpose.

Community: Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

Many people associate the Ozinga brand with big cities and big projects, but Ozinga is also local to rural areas and considers these communities home. We are committed to supporting nonprofit organizations in these rural areas to help make a positive impact on individuals, their families and the community for generations.

Community: Reclaim13

Saying “yes” to serve others can sometimes open doors to new opportunities. For Josh Bailey, Vice President of Capital Ventures, saying yes to a volunteer opportunity set him on a path of professional and spiritual growth.

Community: Nico’s Promise

At Ozinga, we aim to make a positive impact on our coworkers, customers and the communities we serve. It is through each and every one of our coworkers that we can reach deeper into our communities and leave lasting effects.

Community: Special Kids/Special Needs Golf Outing Fundraiser

While golf might not be typically be thought of as a game for children, Ozinga’s Don Rapley, Vice President of Cement, has made the game one that positively impacts the lives of children directly.

Coworkers: Kelly Quinn

At Ozinga, we want our coworkers to make a positive impact on those they interact with, not just at work, but also at home and in their communities. Kelly Quinn, Dispatcher for our Illinois North region, knows this well.  The contrast between his day job and his weekend life is vastly different. By day, he dispatches [...]

Coworkers: JC Calleiro

A good first impression, for many, is based on a number of factors. When a new coworker or guest come to Ozinga, we strive to make a good first impression that leaves a positive impact, reflects our core values and highlights our company culture. It has been three years since JC Calleiro, Vice President of [...]

Coworkers: Todd Wilke

At Ozinga, helping others is part of how we work, and making a positive impact on others – individuals, their families and the community – is why we exist. Coworker Todd Wilke is a salesman for Ozinga. But part of Todd’s purpose in life is helping families with children who have cancer. His involvement stems [...]

Coworkers: Dave Dobson

Keeping a proactive safety attitude is something we encourage for all our coworkers—not just for individual safety, but for the safety of everyone. Dave Dobson in Strategic Development recently took it upon himself to ensure safety was put first.

Customers: Raffin Construction

At Ozinga, we pride ourselves on building relationships with our customers and making a positive impact on each and every one of them. Just ask Raffin Construction, a fourth-generation-owned company, why they keep doing business with us.

Coworkers: Don Kremke

The Ozinga culture is something we try to pass on to each coworker, and when we expanded our operations into the South Florida market in 2017, we knew we needed our new coworkers to truly recognize and understand Ozinga’s purpose and values. One way to accomplish this was to surround these individuals with tenured coworkers who could lead by example, such as Don Kremke.

Community: Ivy League Kids Program

At our Ozinga headquarters in Mokena, IL, we try to plan an activity each quarter to bring our coworkers closer, and we encourage our outer offices to do the same. With football season in the air this quarter, it was only fitting to host a sports-themed luncheon. And thanks to the generous spirit of some coworkers in IT and their commitment to live our purpose, this event turned into a giving opportunity as well.

Coworkers: IT

Technology is a large part of our day-to-day operations at Ozinga; to say it is imperative would be an understatement. So when our operation in Henry, IL recently lost internet and camera access, a quick fix was necessary.

Coworkers: Safety

At Ozinga, our purpose is all about making a positive impact on the lives of our coworkers, customers and community. Because living our purpose starts with each of our coworkers and depends on them, their safety and that of our customers and in our community has always been a top priority. And in the world of Jeff Emrick, Director of Safety and Compliance, it’s the reason behind everything we do.

Coworkers: Ozinga Materials Dispatch

The daily responsibilities of a dispatcher require an incredible level of customer service and knowledge of the industry. For Ozinga’s Steve Kallemeyn, dispatch for Ozinga Materials, the entire Materials Dispatch team truly embodies our company’s purpose and makes a positive impact on coworkers, customers and our community every day.

Customers: John Armas

In order to make a positive impact on our customers, we must build solid relationships. Account Manager John Armas discusses how Ozinga separates ourselves from other companies by ensuring our customers are treated well and our relationships are always put first.

Community: Filtercrete and and Brian Lutey

One way Ozinga strives to make a positive impact on our community is to put an emphasis on sustainable solutions. Ozinga’s Filtercrete™ pervious concrete is one of our sustainable solutions which allows water to pass through various size voids in the concrete, putting rainwater back in the ground.

Coworkers: Illinois South

Ozinga’s ready mix drivers work hard to provide quality service and serve as the front line to our customers and community. In our Illinois South region, Barb Robertson, Inside Sales, and Kevin Bechely, Executive Vice President of Illinois South, make a positive impact on our coworkers by ensuring all drivers feel appreciated, whether they’re just starting or have been with the company for decades.

Coworkers: Chad Smits

Chad Smits, Dispatch Manager in Illinois North, was born and raised in a Christian home in an environment where helping people and being there for others has been a big part of his life.

Coworkers: Mike Saldarelli

What is the main purpose of the environmental department? Director of Environmental Compliance, Mike Saldarelli, explains how the environmental department’s job protects our surroundings and our neighbors while also protecting our company’s ability to function.

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