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Ozinga’s purpose is to make a positive impact on individuals, their families and the community for generations. We do this by upholding our values of service, learning and entrepreneurship to influence and encourage our coworkers, customers and community.

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Technology is a large part of our day-to-day operations at Ozinga; to say it is imperative would be an understatement. So when our operation in Henry, IL recently lost internet and camera access, a quick fix was necessary. “We have 11 cameras used to help run the plant,” said Mark Balagna, Area Superintendent. “We load [...]


At Ozinga, our purpose is all about making a positive impact on the lives of our coworkers, customers and community. Because living our purpose starts with each of our coworkers and depends on them, their safety and that of our customers and in our community has always been a top priority. And in the world [...]

Ozinga Materials Dispatch

The daily responsibilities of a dispatcher require an incredible level of customer service and knowledge of the industry. For Ozinga’s Steve Kallemeyn, dispatch for Ozinga Materials, the entire Materials Dispatch team truly embodies our company’s purpose and makes a positive impact on coworkers, customers and our community every day. “My teammates work tirelessly to get [...]

John Armas

In order to make a positive impact on our customers, we must build solid relationships. Account Manager John Armas discusses how Ozinga separates ourselves from other companies by ensuring our customers are treated well and our relationships are always put first.

Filtercrete™ and Brian Lutey

One way Ozinga strives to make a positive impact on our community is to put an emphasis on sustainable solutions. Ozinga’s Filtercrete™ pervious concrete is one of our sustainable solutions which allows water to pass through various size voids in the concrete, putting rainwater back in the ground. Unique to Ozinga, Filtercrete™ has traditionally been [...]

Illinois South

Ozinga’s ready mix drivers work hard to provide quality service and serve as the front line to our customers and community. In our Illinois South region, Barb Robertson, Inside Sales, and Kevin Bechely, Executive Vice President of Illinois South, make a positive impact on our coworkers by ensuring all drivers feel appreciated, whether they’re just [...]

Chad Smits

Chad Smits, Dispatch Manager in Illinois North, was born and raised in a Christian home in an environment where helping people and being there for others has been a big part of his life. Recently, Chad served as committee chairman for a volunteer group at his church to coordinate the Maywood Youth Leadership Golf Outing. [...]

Mike Saldarelli

What is the main purpose of the environmental department? Director of Environmental Compliance, Mike Saldarelli, explains how the environmental department’s job protects our surroundings and our neighbors while also protecting our company’s ability to function.