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Let’s barge building materials to and from construction projects
Heneghan Wrecking is a demolition company that demolishes buildings and bridges, usually for new development. Heneghan was tasked with a very difficult project they had never encountered before. On 110 North Wacker Drive stood a 250,000-square-foot concrete building, originally the home of Morton Salt. It was tightly bordered on the east and south by buildings, the north by a bridge and the west by the Chicago river. Because the building was surrounded by cars, buildings and people, they had no room to be reckless. Their only option in and out would be using the river, which Heneghan had never tried before.The client had a very tight timeframe of 90 days for completion. Heneghan was expected to completely demolish the building in this timeframe while keeping in mind the tight borders of the property, taking care of the expensive piece of real estate, not stopping heavy traffic or disturbing pedestrians, keeping pollution out of the water and, most importantly, keeping everyone safe. Competitors thought this would be impossible. Heneghan knew it would be close, but did not shy away from this daunting new task.

After 45 years of being in business, Heneghan had never utilized the Chicago river before. They were anxious to try it, but never had a reliable partner who was familiar with how the river operated or had the source of barges they would need. When Heneghan partnered with Ozinga, they came up with a completely new solution, unique to this specific task. Ozinga would bring barges in, Heneghan would load them with concrete and it would be taken by river to Lemont to be crushed and recycled. In order to protect the river from any debris falling in, Ozinga and Heneghan utilized the barges by putting them directly alongside the building and tying them to the seawall. There, they would be used as a barricade, catching any material before it hit the water. At night, Ozinga would take the full barge, and when Heneghan showed up in the morning, an empty barge would be there, ready to be filled.

By using these barges, Heneghan saved the job-site hassle that comes with hundreds of trucks. Pedestrians remained unbothered, as the workload stayed on the river side. Each barge holds 1500 tons, which is 75 semi-loads of concrete. One barge holds 75 truckloads of concrete. Twelve barges were used, meaning 900 loads of concrete were moved. This would have meant 1,800 trips in and out of the city were removed. As each truck is equivalent to three or four cars, the barges eliminated 3,600 cars removed from downtown traffic. The congestion this would have created throughout the south end of the Loop would have made a big impact on the area.

The barges were a great way to get a lot of material out of the city without interrupting traffic flow or adding pollution. Concrete is easily recyclable, so Heneghan was able to partner with Ozinga to transport it, crush it up and reuse it. By crushing it, they would not be taking up landfill space or having to dig in the quarry to take more natural resources.

This project has allowed Heneghan to look at future projects along the river in a whole new way. By thinking outside the box and using a partner to add expertise to their job, Heneghan was able to finish this project an entire week early. Heneghan has been doing business in Chicago for a long time. They have a great reputation of succeeding in a safe, efficient manner and have been a major part in the progress happening in Chicago. They take pride in what they do, so if they are on a project, they give 100% of their attention and their best people.

Heneghan has had a relationship with Ozinga for a long time. Together, there’s nothing we can’t handle.

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