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Founded more than 90 years ago, Ebsary Foundation is a fourth-generation, family-owned company specializing in foundation and heavy land and marine construction services. Their vast range of specialized services include augered cast-in-place foundation piling, support of excavation, cofferdam design/construction and more. Ebsary’s key principles of character, excellence, hard work and integrity motivate them to succeed while completing high-profile projects throughout Florida and the Caribbean.

Fisher Island Community Association recently tasked Ebsary with constructing a seawall for the new ferry terminal on Fisher Island. This is a pretty standard project, however the challenge they faced was a new one. Fisher island is only accessible by private boat, helicopter, or ferry. Ebsary needed a company that had the capabilities to deliver concrete via barge, was willing to roll with a flexible schedule.

Ozinga was happy to answer the call. Using our extensive knowledge of Florida waterways and years of barging know-how, we were able to get 2,000 yards of ready mix concrete to the pour site. Ebsary had a limited amount of time to pour the concrete for the seawall. Ozinga was able to get the mix delivered and poured within the customer’s timetable.

Christopher Miyares from Ebsary Foundation said, “Though the nature of this job on an island so famously exclusive was a hurdle in terms of getting concrete trucks on site, Ozinga performed at the highest level of professionalism when it came to making sure grout was installed in the ground in a timely fashion, through coordination at all levels.”

When facing an unfamiliar task, a trustworthy partnership provides crucial, innovative solutions. Ozinga and Ebsary got the job done.

Together, there’s nothing we can’t handle.

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