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Let’s do high-volume pours in record time
Adjustable Concrete Construction specializes in high rise projects. They have been innovators in the concrete industry in Chicago since 1935. The Fulton and Ogden job they were presented with was nothing like they had ever done before. Their typical floor plate job varies from about 7,000-16,000 square feet. This job had 32,000 square feet. That is about two to three high rise jobs all on the floor at the same time.

This project came specified as a steel and concrete job, a traditional Chicago office building. Adjustable saw the opportunity to bid it as a full concrete office. Building this way saved money and got it to the market faster, adding value to owners searching for tenants. By recognizing the solution to shift the building to concrete, they gave the owner and general contractor the opportunity to finish first.

The speed that Adjustable constructed this job was a major accomplishment. There are a lot of moving parts that have potential to severely delay progress. Maintaining the multi-stationary concrete pump and tower crane operation each day without an issue is a big deal.

Not only is the speed challenging to perform, but the quality needs to be up to standard. For this project, they were all exposed finishes, meaning the concrete needs to be put in place quickly. With a difficult winter, it is extremely challenging to battle the elements while maintaining speed, quality and safety.

Adjustable thought outside the box to make the budget work and provide solutions to move the project forward. Each worker and partner on site was critical to accomplishing this lofty goal. “What goes into making that happen is really the most challenging piece because it obviously starts with great delivery from Ozinga,” said Eric Lindquist, President of Adjustable Concrete Construction. “Having consistent service is a big deal with concrete delivery.”

“It’s difficult to be a contractor in Chicago; it’s a very competitive market,” Lindquist said. “But life is too short to be working for people who don’t treat you fairly or do business the right way. It’s usually an easy decision for us on what jobs to pursue based on the trust factor. The best jobs are the ones where you sign a contract and you never look at that contract again. Everybody is working on the same page to do the job and if you make a mistake you correct it together.”

With help from Ozinga, this job was completed two months ahead of schedule. “If you would have asked me if we could shave that much time off, I would have laughed,” Lindquist said. “But this was special. It was.” Working through parts of a project that are totally out of your control can be very tough, but with great people and reliable partners, the unthinkable can happen.

Adjustable Concrete Construction and Ozinga have had a partnership for over 20 years. Together there’s nothing we can’t handle.

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